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Carolyn Skotz moving on to New Haven!

New Haven, CT is where Carolyn Skotz, Sting 18G-Gron, will he heading next fall. We are proud to acknowledge her and announce that she will be attending and playing softball for Yale University. Carolyn's hard work in the classroom and on the field made this challenging feat possible. The recruiting process for the Ivy League schools is different than others and requires major patience. Even if the Ivy School coach loves the way you play, you cannot announce anything until you get approval from the admissions department, usually in October of your senior year. Although Carolyn did her recruiting homework and had other wonderful schools as candidates, her patience paid off as she and Yale mutually chose each other.

Carolyn had this to say about her softball recruiting process and why she chose Yale: I'm really looking forward to going to Yale! I love the coaches and my soon to be teammates who are all so welcoming but I'm most excited about the opportunity to play the sport I love while getting a high-level education. The process itself was certainly challenging because of the patience needed but all the hard work was worth it in the end.

Good luck Carolyn!

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