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Created in 1999, the San Jose Sting has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most successful fastpitch organizations in Northern California. With numerous ASA Nationals appearances throughout the organization over the years and top recruiting efforts as well, the San Jose Sting has certainly made its mark in the softball world.

The San Jose Sting continues to be a superior fast pitch organization. We provide elite level leadership and team management at all age divisions within the organization. We strive to give the fast pitch athlete the skills they will need to succeed, through commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork and self-discipline. Attitude, hustle, effort, and determination are the 'bases' enabling each participant to fulfill team and organizational goals.


Our ongoing goal is to make the San Jose Sting a nationally recognized organization, known for consistent talent at all levels, a solid recruitment program and professional management.

San Jose Sting

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