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Audrey Salvador signs with Sonoma State...

2021 Audrey Salvador will be heading north next Fall to play softball and attend Sonoma State University. Audrey, Sting 18G-Gron, has been patiently working toward her dream. This is what Audrey had to say...

"When looking for a college, I wanted not only a place that has a great softball program, but more importantly, an institution that can lead to my desired career path. When joining the San Jose Sting Organization, I did not have the best understanding of the college recruitment process. Fortunately, my coaches helped me find the right fit and eventually led me to Sonoma State University. When researching the school, I was lucky to find they had exactly what I needed and more. Not only do they have a beautiful campus, but the environment that SSU creates offers a sense of home. At Sonoma, I plan to pursue Communications and obtain a first-class education in the art and analysis of communications media. The softball coaching staff at SSU has welcomed me with open arms, and I am beyond excited to announce my commitment to becoming apart of the NOMA Nation. Go Seawolves!"

Congratulations Audrey!

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