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2022 Kokoro Sagae says yes to Carnegie Melon!

I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to continue my athletic and academic career at Carnegie Mellon University!

Interestingly, having begun playing softball my freshman year, the first college camp I attended was at CMU in October of my sophomore year. Considering this, it truly feels like I’ve come full circle, and that choosing Carnegie was somehow as much fate as it was dedication and determination.

Two years ago, when I walked through the CMU campus for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the school atmosphere. After meeting Coach Monica and the rest of the Tartan team, I knew in my heart that Carnegie was the perfect institution for me, providing both a stellar undergraduate education and a competitive softball program. Although the recruiting journey was arduous and required absolute patience, diligence, and humility,

I am eternally grateful to have had this life-changing experience. Lastly, I cannot thank my family, coaches, teammates, friends, and Sting organization enough for their constant support and guidance.

I absolutely cannot wait to spend my next four years at CMU and call Pittsburgh my new home! Go Tartans!

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