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Kassandra Soria 2022 is a Red Hawk!

With the long process and wait, I am excited to proudly announce that I will be continuing my academic and athletic career at Simpson University.

I am beyond blessed to get the opportunity to play for such an amazing team my next 4 years at Simpson. Since i was a kid, I have always dreamed of playing at my dream school and I believe God let me to Simpson University for a reason.

I want to thank all my friends, coaches, family and friends and anyone along the way that believed I could make it. Throughout my years of this process it definitely was not easy. I also believe that if you push yourself and set goals for yourself, you can achieve and accomplish them no matter what. It's not going to be easy but the outcome and feeling you get at the end of the process is the best feeling in the world that no one can take away.

I'm glad I had people along the way be so positive and always remind me to never give up because this journey was crazy. Everything I went through to get where I am right now was worth it for this moment.

From the small classroom sizes, the beautiful campus, the wonderful coaches and staff, and the amazing softball team- I didn't not only fall for the school but, I am able to play softball and get my education at a school fit for me and is truly a blessing.

I am so excited to start my new journey soon and I can't wait to play at Simpson for the next 4 years!! GO REDHAWKS!!!!" - Kassandra Soria

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